- Mar 28, 2019
The digital age has brought technology like augmented reality, artificial intelligence and virtual reality to the table and these tools have come to be utilized by art institution to achieve high-impact, immersive museum and gallery experiences.

Whether the technology is used by an artist or by the institution itself, the endeavor promises to bring a crowd to the exhibition space as AR, AI, and VR are still currently being discovered by the general public and are, therefore, of high interest. Immersive museum activations in this category include CapitolaVR's augmented reality feature that is tied to a well-known Rembrandt van Rijn painting — 'The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp,' as well as the MoMAR app which brings Jackson Pollock paintings to life.

Without a doubt, these immersive museum and gallery experiences allow visitors to feel more connected to the masterpieces.

From Extensive AR Art Offerings to VR Museum Exhibitions: