- Sep 29, 2018
These September 2018 multimedia trends range from luxe smart assistant speakers to modular mixed reality headsets. While the Harman Kardon Citation 500 speaker is a sleek audio accessory that can be conveniently synced with Google Assistant, the 'OJO 500' Headset goes beyond solo listening and can be shared by a group of people. The device also offers immersive audio features, and is fitted with a pair of LCD displays that boast "a total resolution of 2,880 x 1,440 pixels."

Other notable September 2018 multimedia innovations include artful examples like the Smithsonian's virtual reality exhibits and Robert Spillner's kinetic installation titled 'Art Machine.' While the iconic American museum's VR exhibits -- a partnership with Intel and Linden Lab -- aim to immerse spectators into the world of art from the comfort of their homes, Spillner's bold art piece is a seamless marriage of movement, form and sophisticated technology.

From Luxe Smart Assistant Speakers to Mixed Reality Headsets: