This VR Immersion Add-On Stops the Wearer From Feeling Nauseaus

 - Jan 27, 2018
References: boardingvar & springwise
This VR immersion program was designed to prevent motion sickness. From a French startup, Boarding VAR is a virtual reality headset add-on that can be built on to any VR or AR headset. The VR immersion invention "creates a horizontal plane into the user's peripheral field of view" according to SpringWise.

Given a third of all people suffer from motion sickness, this patented technology could make a sizeable impact, especially considering the immense growth of virtual reality over the last couple years. 6.4 million VR headsets were shipped in 2016 and project growth over the next four years is an estimated 85%. Virtual reality has also been incorporated into many wide-spanning industries, from educational tools to makeup application.