Nissan is Enhancing the Driving Experience with Brain-to-Vehicle Tech

 - Jan 8, 2018
References: blogranddriver & bloomberg
Self-driving cars may already be in development and testing, but Nissan is instead looking more towards user-assisted driving with Brain-to-Vehicle technology. Nissan's newest piece of technology will be fully integrated into future vehicles and works by measuring and analyzing the brainwaves of drivers to better enhance the driving experience. The Brain-to-Vehicle system, also known as B2V, utilizes a skull cap that measures brain activity in drivers and transmits its data to steering, braking and acceleration in the vehicle. The transmitted data will then allow the vehicle to activate these systems in a fraction of a second before the driver can.

Nissan plans to unveil this technology at CES 2018 using its newest concept car—the IMx electric. The exhibition will have users operate the vehicle in a highway simulation while the car makes adjustments in real-time. Nissan's user-assisted driving is intended to keep human beings as the primary operator of the vehicle, but uses technology as an aid and experience enhancer. Nissan has already invested $4.4 billion on this technology, greatly surpassing its competitors looking into the same tech.