Fiix Helps Connect Users With Experienced Car Maintenance Professionals

 - Jan 8, 2018
Fiix is an online database consisting of over 1000 certified car repair experts that are accessible to those living in the Greater Toronto area. First launched on television series Dragon's Den, the Canadian service aims to connect drivers with a certified mechanic more conveniently than ever before, and ensures that its recommendations boast a high ranked average user rating.

Fiix users can simply select their vehicle, address what they need repaired, and pick a date, time and location for their desired repair service. Once those fields are filled out, a certified mechanic will get in contact with those making the appointment, coming to them versus the other way around.

Making the process of car repair more convenient than ever before, this service ensures consumers are paying for services that are trusted and well-rated by a large group who has submitted their input to the Fiix database.