UBCO Electric Bikes are Now Legal to Drive in the USA

UBCO Electric Bikes are now available in a road-registered, street-legal version of their previously popular off-road bikes. The New Zealand-based company released a 2x2 electric bike in 2015, specifically licensed for off-road purposes. This bike is now legal for both on- and off-road use in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. This electric bike gives users a means of accessible and environmentally friendly travel. Upgrades from the previous model including brake lights, indicators, mirrors, speedometer, odometer and LED headlights.

Users are also given the opportunity to download the UBCO app to any smartphone, giving them the ability to connect the bike via Bluetooth. This two wheel drive electric motorbike is built to withstand the most difficult terrain, as well as local traffic. UBCO Electric Bikes are a lightweight, quiet and gas-free travel option for anyone looking for adventure, or a simple commute option.