This Vehicle Lets Drivers Control Features Using Their Face

 - Jan 10, 2018
References: kianewscenter & newatlas
South Korean automaker Kia has launched an innovative new series of electric crossover concepts in the form of the Niro EV range, a collection of futuristic automobiles that makes use of a slew of high-tech innovations.

One of the most eye-catching features of the Niro EV electric crossover collection is the presence of facial recognition, which allows drivers to essentially log in to the vehicle's built-in command system using their unique facial features. This enables the car to establish presets for personal preferences. In addition to the convenience of preset features, the facial recognition system also prevents vehicle thieves from making off with the vehicle.

Elsewhere, this crossover concept also features pedestrian detection technology, proving that it's not solely focused on the driver but on the surrounding traffic environment as well. All in all, this is a concept vehicle that showcases how some of the most cutting-edge technologies can be used to enhance vehicle safety and convenience.