The Honda Ie-Mobi Introduces Electric-Powered Autonomous Transport

 - Jan 4, 2018
At the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda le-Mobi was introduced as a new and forward-thinking concept in electric-powered autonomous transportation. While there are plenty of autonomous and electric vehicle concepts that are currently in development, this one from Honda sets itself apart by introducing an entire living space that is detachable and transportable.

"le-Mobi" is a name that combines numerous Japanese words, including "Ie," which means "home" and "mobi," which stems from "mobility." With this concept, it is imagined that people of the future will be able to effortlessly take out-of-home trips without ever having to leave a room, as the space itself doubles as a self-driving vehicle.

Honda's Ie-Mobi is a part of a larger Honda Family Motor concept that aims to improve the amount of quality time family members are able to spend with one another.