Hyundai's Innovation Protects Passengers from Being Thrown from the Vehicle

 - Jan 20, 2018
Hyundai developed what it calls "the world’s first panorama sunroof airbag system," which is installed inside the sunroof to provide protection that prevents passengers from being thrown from the roof of the car.

The innovation is made from a tempered glass that expands the openness of the existing sunroof and when necessary—such as in the case of a rollover accident—the sensor will detect the drastic change of angle and deploy the sunroof airbag forward from the rear of the car. As Hyundai notes, "if the car is overturned when the sunroof is closed, the airbag is deployed across between the sunroof glass and the sun shield."

During the developmental road tests for the sunroof airbag system, the dummies used were safely kept in the vehicle, with their heads cushioned to prevent serious injuries from impact.