Pragma Industries' 'Alpha' Uses a Hydrogen Fuel Cell in Lieu of Li-Ion

 - Jan 20, 2018
References: pragma-industries & digitaltrends
Hydrogen power has the potential to vastly outperform not only fossil fuels, but even lithium-ion batteries in terms of environmental friendliness and efficiency, and French company Pragma Industries is working to make use of the technology with its newest product. Dubbed the 'Alpha', it's an e-bike that runs on a hydrogen fuel cell rather than a Li-ion battery, which means that it has dramatically improved range and charging time when compared to virtually any other e-bike on the market.

A conventional e-bike with a 360Wh Li-ion battery can travel approximately 50 kilometers on a single charge. Pragma Industries' Alpha can double that, averaging 100 kilometers per charge. Yet despite that increased range, the Alpha's fuel cell charges significantly faster than a traditional battery. Whereas normal e-bikes take three or four hours to charge, Pragma Industries' bike charges in as little as two minutes.