Spotify Created Adoptify with an Animal Shelter to Offer Music for Dogs

Now that a study from the University of Glasgow has determined that dogs have distinctly individual preferences when it comes to music, Spotify and an animal shelter in Germany teamed up to launch 'Adoptify,' featuring music for dogs. The Adoptify website makes it possible for prospective pet owners to have themselves matched to an adoptable animal based on their shared love of music. While Gloria is a dog that is said to love hip-hop, Milow is a Jack Russel Terrier that prefers rock.

After finding a dog with similar musical interests, one may watch a video about the dog, read more information about them and hopefully, provide a loving home for their new friend.

One of the challenges with welcoming a new pet into the home is to find one that will be a suitable match for the home environment, and Adoptify offers a fun way to open the minds of potential new dog owners.