The 'KFC Comfort Zone' Shares Relaxation, Mindfulness and Affirmations

 - Jan 19, 2018
References: adweek
The 'KFC Comfort Zone' has been introduced on YouTube as a "Pot Pie-based meditation system" that features relaxing sounds and visuals—such as slowly spinning KFC Pot Pies.

The Comfort Zone is introduced through a series of six videos that range in length from about five to nine minutes, offering psychedelic imagery alongside guided personal meditations, mindfulness exercises and affirmations. With the KFC Comfort Zone 'Be Tender, Like Chicken' video, it is described that "by focusing on the tenderness of KFC’s signature Pot Pie chicken, we can become more tender human beings."

Some unrelated guided meditation videos that have been uploaded to YouTube now have tens of millions of views, indicating that practices such as mindfulness and meditation are a fundamental part of how the modern consumer maintains their all-around well-being.