The IRL Glasses Rethink How We Interact with Technology

 - Oct 1, 2018
References: kickstarter & fastcompany
Digitally detoxing can be a difficult thing in a modern world but the IRL Glasses aim to disconnect wearers by blocking out LCD and LED screens. Designed to give users full control over how and when they engage with screens, the sunglasses accomplish this with a specific type of polarization that came from a year of researching, prototyping and focus grouping.

Created by artist Ivan Cash, the IRL Glasses draw inspiration from the 1988 cult classic film 'THEY LIVE,' where a magical pair of glasses block out ads. According to Cash, the glasses aren't just meant to block out screens but will hopefully "[spark] additional conversation and [inspire] people to rethink their relationship with technology, to screens." A beta version of the glasses are currently available on Kickstarter and are being sold as a means to garner interest in a final version of the screen-blocking sunglasses.