The Blink Mobile eSports Platform Uses AI to Highlight Clips for Sharing

 - Mar 14, 2018
The Blink mobile eSports platform is an innovative system that utilizes AI and deep learning to make eSports viewing an interactive experience. The new system functions off a bank of proprietary artificial technology solutions and is set to focus on the fast-growing and dynamic world of eSports. Blink hopes to use its technology to increase personalization and interactivity in the eSports viewing experience and focuses on a mobile-first platform.

The eSports platform was conceptualized when the creators looked at gameplay video. The majority of gameplay videos often contain a large amount of action-less downtime, but Blink is hoping to revolutionize the gameplay video with AI highlight detection with programmatic storytelling techniques to create incredible clips. The technology is built around a mobile environment and allows players the ability to share clips on a non-streaming platform.