From Rapper-Made Merchandise to Gun Control Publicity Stunts

 - Apr 29, 2018
These April 2018 pop culture trends Incorporated a number of marketing campaigns, apparel releases, nostalgic collectibles, politically centered publicity stunts, and much more.

Knowing the value of pop culture references when it comes to marketing campaigns, Toyota created a new campaign, which it referred to as Master's of Self-Expression. At the center of the campaign was Le Fil, a drag queen performance artist who provided entertainment to those at the promotional event, and encouraged others to dress up and express themselves however they please.

Also featured is the odd-looking Charlie Brown Bearbrick collectible that was created by the famed Japanese brand Medicom Toy. Although the collectible maintained the same chubby bear shape that the brand's other variations have, it utilized the Peanuts character's iconic yellow polo, face, and other features.