Kenma's 'Wemo' is a Wearable Memo Wrapped Around the Wrist

 - Jan 23, 2018
References: & design-milk
Kenma, a Japanese design studio, creates the 'wemo,' eliminating the need to write down reminders onto one's hand. Crafted from silicone, the wemo is a wearable memo that wraps itself around the wearer's wrist. The style of the wemo recalls the 80s popular slap bracelets, but with more customization and functionality. The Kenma designers were influenced by nurses because the occupation requires them to constantly jot down notes onto their hands while on the job. This observation led the designers to find that this happens in many more instances than just nurse-related tasks. It was found that it was a common thing for others in medicinal practices, manufacturing, production, law, and teaching. Other than professional occupations, it serves useful for forgetful individuals as well.

On the wearable memo, the material can hold information written in many different types of ink -- even permanent markers, erased with an eraser. The notes will also be waterproof for extra convenience.