London's Borough Market Serves an Earl Grey Saison

 - Nov 26, 2018
References: beertoday & thedrinksbusiness
London's Borough Market launched a new line of ecologically sustainable beers crafted from hops grown in the market and Earl Grey teas from one of its ecological traders, Organic Life. Created in a collaboration between the Borough Market and Daniel Tapper of Beak Brewery and Partizan Brewing, the limited-edition release will produce just 6,000 bottles. The ecologically sustainable beers will be available for sale at Borough Market and at independent traders throughout the UK.

Crafted with Southwark hops grown in the market, the beer also combines five kilograms of loose leaf Earl Grey tea, oats, wheat, barley and rye. In addition to being grown in the market, the hops were also fertilized with a combination of recycled coffee grounds from Borough Market and rainwater harvested from the market's roof.

Image Credit: Borough Market