- Feb 24, 2019
With the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day in the same month, the February 2019 branding campaign round-up is robust. The examples showcase playfully themed products that are specific to the NFL event and the upcoming romantic holiday.

One of the more noteworthy initiatives spotlights Krispy Kreme. It came to light that in 2019, those celebrating Valentine's Day will not have access to the beloved candy conversation hearts as the company that manufactured them went bankrupt and Krispy Kreme stepped in to save the day with the next best thing — conversation heart-inspired donuts.

As for the Super Bowl, the February 2019 branding list calls attention to Pizza Hut which temporarily added an extra 'Hut' to its social media channels and to one of its storefront in Atlanta, referencing the popular quarterback saying.

From Artful Cheese Ad Campaigns to Subtle Valentine's Day Cups: