- Mar 24, 2019
The March 2019 eco concepts explore a variety of sustainable approaches to different products and services. The range of ideas highlights sustainable construction, longevity, upcycling, de-composing sources, and more -- all of which center around achieving a better environment and awareness.

A great example was exercised by the Minnesota Twins -- the sports team installed a large 'Living Wall' right at its own Target Field. It is right in the visual vicinity of the batter and is a tall green wall that is completely made up of plants, stacked up in a tier system. This provides a beautiful botanical view for both the fans and the athletes on site. Another great eco concept this month was created by New Raw, a Rotterdam-based design studio and research firm. Its 'Print Your City' project launched the inaugural zero waste lab in Greece and it has a 3D printing robot arm that is available for visitors to use -- they are able to bring in recyclables and create something new with the machine.

From 3D-Printed Street Furniture to Sports Field Plant Walls: