LafargeHolcim and Heliatek Prototype Photovoltaic Cladding

 - Feb 22, 2019
References: lafargeholcim & dezeen
Photovoltaic cladding might allow concrete buildings to capture solar energy. The prototype was developed by LafargeHolcim and Heliatek. It brings together the former firm's concrete material and the later company's HeliaFilm which is "a flexible solar film that is just one millimeter thick." The innovation is quite promising for the sustainability agenda as facades typically offer a greater surface area than roofs which is where solar panels are traditionally placed.

By LafargeHolcim's estimation, the photovoltaic cladding "has the potential to double the energy generation that a building can achieve." The prototype was tested by the two companies in Lyon and a plan has been set forth to make the eco-conscious photovoltaic cladding available in 2019.