- Feb 24, 2019
From art facilities shaped like the petals of a flower to housing developments inspired by the peaks and valleys of a rollercoaster, the February 2019 architecture trends demonstrate a willingness to play with unique shapes and designs.

One striking example of architects playing with shape is Henning Larsen's wavy building, which boast an almost roller coaster-like aesthetic. Though it took 11 years to finish, the wave-like buildings gives the city of Vejle, Jutland, a unique skyline.

The February 2019 architecture trends also reveal smaller scale attempts to play with shape such as the prefabricated hiking cabins created by Spinn Arkitekter. Not only does each shelter look like a modern geodesic dome, but thanks to some clever engineering, each shelter can be assembled quickly just like a 3D puzzle.

From Petal-Shaped Galleries to Roller Coaster-Like Houses: