- Mar 31, 2019
These March 2019 architecture trends range from energy-generating lighthouse hotels to recycled cork houses. Beyond inspiring and sustainable building projects, this month's other notable innovations also include a handful of unique accessories. These include design-friendly writing tools and architect-inspired candles.

While ENSSO's fountain pen range is industry-specific and designed for architects and engineers, Florida-based design studio Yield creates a luxe candle range that pays tribute to famed architects from the 20th century. The studio considers each architects aesthetic and the mood they create and transforms this point of inspiration into a sensory product for one's home.

Other notable innovations include a forward-thinking new material dubbed "metallic wood." The material was conceived by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and was developed from sheets of nickel. Though still in its conceptual stages, the material is set to be a sustainable alternative to titanium.

From Eco Lighthouse Hotels to Recycled Cork Houses: