- Feb 16, 2019
These February 2019 eco trends range from urban library farms to freshness-focused produce stickers that help to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

When examining innovations in the world of packaging, Margarita Follert's algae-based alternative to plastic stands out. The designer's packaging concept features naturally sourced dyes -- created using fruit extracts -- and is 100% biodegradable, creating a solution to the planet's plastic problem. The 'BouquetPOT' packaging is another notable example that is specifically created for flowers. Rather that consisting of glossy paper or plastic, this bouquet wrapping is made of biodegradable pulp and successfully transforms into a stand-up pot, making it multi-functional and eco-friendly.

When looking at the beauty and personal care industries, products like Bare Me's dry sheet masks are completely water-free, while others like Humankind's deodorants and Bond No. 9's luxury lipsticks are designed to be refillable to avoid packaging waste.

From Urban Library Farms to Freshness-Focused Produce Stickers: