These House of Marley Speakers are Eco-Conscious and Stylish

 - Jan 10, 2019
References: thehouseofmarley
The House of Marley speakers that debuted during CES 2019 in Las Vegas is the brand's first venture into the smart home audio system market. The company focused on sustainable design, as per usual, to produce a tech-forward and stylish product that will enhance the consumer experience.

The brand debuts a collection that builds on its timeless aesthetic. Durable, functional and planet-friendly, the House of Marley speakers highlight the updated 'Get Together Mini' which is made compatible with the Google Assistant, the bamboo-based 'Sir It Up Wireless,' and the "CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree" 'No Bounds XL.'

In addition, the company boasts a selection of wireless earbuds and headphones, including its "first eco-conscious true wireless Bluetooth earbuds 'Liberate Air,' the over-ear headphones 'Exodus' and 'Exodus ANC,' as well as the enhanced 'Redemption' model.