- Feb 24, 2019
Some of the new concepts that have come about through the top February 2019 new ventures include experiential attractions and subscription boxes from sandwich shop chains, as well as devices that hope to become the latest and greatest version of the smartphone.

February is one of the biggest months of the year for advertising, thanks to the millions of people who tune into the Super Bowl each year. Rather than vying for a coveted commercial spot, Skittles set itself apart this year by launching what it deemed to be the "first-ever commercial performed as a live Broadway musical."

At a time where established companies need to be resilient and adaptable, some of the new ideas that are being explored include H&M's Take Care, a line of products that focuses on solutions for garment care and repair, and The We Company (formerly WeWork) expanding beyond co-working spaces to now offer hybrid retail concepts with shops and cafes.

From Autonomous Passenger Drones to Foldable Laptop Concepts: