- Sep 30, 2018
Wellness-centric travel experiences, cryptocurrency-based alcohol pre-sales and co-learning workspaces are among some of the top September 2018 new ventures that are shaking up concepts that are familiar to consumers.

While wine subscriptions and flower shops are typically targeted towards female consumers, some start-ups are now redirecting their focus, aiming to cater expressly to male shoppers—Bespoke Post's wine club specifically caters to Millennial men and Real Men Buy Flowers offers an ultra-simple web shopping experience for men that helps to dramatically reduce the number of decisions that need to be made before checking out.

When it comes to established brands that are taking on the entrepreneurial mindset of a start-up, consumers will see that a number of favorite products are being remixed in unexpected, inventive ways. While Ben & Jerry's recently rolled out Cookie Dough Chunks, Oreo is introducing experimental Hot Chicken Wing and Wasabi cookie flavors.

From Student Art Marketplaces to Food-Funding Accelerators: