'Hermetica' Helps to Match Consumers to Their Perfect Scent

 - Aug 14, 2018
References: us.hermetica & cosmeticsbusiness
Hermetica is a new alcohol-free fragrance brand that puts an emphasis on tailoring its perfumes to individual consumers. This process unfolds through a six-question quiz that asks questions such as "When do you day dream?"

Hermetica's collection of scents includes one standalone scent called 'Source' and 12 others that are organized into four collections: Emerald Stairways, Vertical Ambers, The Door and Dry Waters. Within these categories, consumers can expect to find fragrance names like 'Sandalsun' and 'Patchoulight' that seem altogether fresh yet familiar. As an alcohol-free fragrance brand, Hermetica sets itself apart with "a unique patented technology to release the complete heart of fragrance with a certain tempo."

As well as being intrigued by the brand's approach to customization and no-alcohol scents, consumers will appreciate that Hermetica favors refillable, recycled glass fragrance bottles.