- Sep 29, 2018
The September 2018 business trends embody a wide range of fresh interactive ideas with a sustainable focus. Business tactics this month aim to make an impact that lasts and to create relationships that are memorable.

The TIENS Experience Store in Shenzhen, China exemplifies this concept as it recognizes the ever-changing needs of the market. The space encourages consumers to interact with one another and has live demonstrations and touchscreen information available. There is also advanced technology — such as big data and facial recognition on location, to strategically market in-store as a personable and innovative element.

Another example of this month's business trends is Cass Beer which offers a selection of smaller cans for those who prefer to drink alone. The smaller portion breaks through the barrier of recognizing that casual drinking is not bound to social spaces but spotlights solitary enjoyment as well.

From High-Tech Responsive Shops to Scaled-Down Beer Cans: