Trader Joe's Mini Mochi Takes Flavor Inspiration from a Traditional Drink

 - Sep 7, 2018
References: traderjoes
The all-new Thai Tea Mini Mochi treats from Trader Joe's take inspiration from cha-yen, a traditional, Thai drink that is prepared with black or Ceylon tea, sugar and condensed milk. Trader Joe's creative reinterpretation of the Thai beverage is entirely free from dairy and boasts a coconut milk base.

The mochi-wrapped treats are said to be comparable to ice cream, yet contain no actual cream, and are made with glutinous rice flour—which naturally does not contain any gluten, yet is responsible for creating a chewy texture.

While this tea-flavored version of the dessert takes inspiration from Northern Thailand, Trader Joe's has previously released other tea-themed versions in the past, such as Green Tea, as well as other mochi products in Strawberry, Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate.