'Pomp and Whimsy' is a New Spirit That's "Tailored to the Female Palate"

As an alternative to the many strong-tasting spirits that are boldly branded with dark color schemes, Dr Nicola Nice created Pomp and Whimsy as a female-targeted gin liqueur.

Pomp and Whimsy is boasts 30% ABV and light citrus and fruit flavors that come from the incorporation of 16 botanicals: juniper, coriander, angelica, grapefruit, bitter orange, lychee, cucumber, raspberry, lavender and jasmine tea pearls. In terms of taste, the liqueur is said to have a "dry, warm spice, juniper finish."

When it comes to serving Pomp and Whimsy, the brand recommends pouring it over ice, or mixing it with tonic, sparkling water or champagne. Some of the cocktails that the brand has crafted to show off its feminine spirit include the Pomp 75, the Mod Fashioned and the Suffragette Martini.

Image Credit: Pomp and Whimsy