OurCreative's Bonds Cucumber Beverage Received a Makeover for Valentine's

 - Feb 14, 2018
References: our-creative & packagingoftheworld
On the development of Bonds Cucumber, OurCreative challenged itself to answer: "How could future soft drinks appeal to a healthier Millennial audience?" For Valentine's Day this year, it developed a conceptual packaging design that enhances the beverage with romantic notes of rose petals and juniper.

The limited-edition Bonds Cucumber, Rose and Juniper bottle at first seems to be one that embraces popular holiday motifs and color schemes. However, as OurCreative describes the product as a "soft drink to die for," it is apparent that a skull shape has been worked into the design of the glass bottle.

With this unexpected element, the sophisticated soft drink has the potential to position itself as a drink for the adventurous consumer who defies convention.