Angels' Share Glass Gin Decanter Revives Traditional Victorian Design

Angels' Share Glass gin decanter is reviving a Victorian gin tradition. The pig-shaped decanter draws inspiration from the story of the gin-pigs that are said to reside at Brodie Castle in Moray.

During the Victorian age, many of these pig-shaped decanters found themselves in the homes of nobles and aristocrats. The unique shape payed homage to the story associated with traditional castle, as well as calling back to the history of Gin in Scotland.

Angels' Share Glass gin decanter was designed by Tom Young MBE and is handmade in the brand's Bridge of Allan studio. The intricate glass decanter is designed to be refilled and features silver stoppers in the pig's snout. These unique gin decanter is set to enter the Scottish market and will hopefully add to the revived passion for gin that is emerging in the country.

Image Credit: National Trust Fund for Scotland