Pampelle's Liquor Aperitif is Low-Sugar and Low-Alcohol

 - Jan 16, 2018
References: pampelle & thespiritsbusiness
Pampelle is a new liquor aperitif that recently launched in the UK, challenging a category that is dominated by Italian spirits.

Aperitifs—meant to be consumed as the lead-in to a meal that will stimulate the appetite—are commonly more dry than sweet and generally moderate in terms of their alcoholic content. Pampelle distinguishes itself with a formula that is 30% naturally lower in sugar in comparison to other leading spirit aperitifs and just 15% ABV, appealing to consumers who appreciate low-alcohol options. In terms of taste, the all-new aperitif is said to be bittersweet, as it is made with grapefruits and distilled in Cognac.

Pampelle is a disruptive new option that Patrick Borg describes as one that was created to be enjoyed "for all occasions, from brunch to sundown."