Starbucks Japan Unveiled the Matcha & Fruit Mascarpone Frappuccino

The Matcha & Fruit Mascarpone Frappuccino has been unveiled by Starbucks Japan as its latest creation that will offer customers a drink that's sweet, creamy and cheesy. The drink is made by incorporating matcha and real mascarpone cheese into the mix before being topped with a matcha-infused whipped cream. The new drink comes as the latest in the brand's series of unexpected drink options that have been made available in specific markets around the world.

The Starbucks Japan Matcha & Fruit Mascarpone Frappuccino has been announced in addition to the Matcha Fruity Blend Tea Latte, which is infused with citrus fruits Kabosu and yuzu for a refreshing finish. As consumers seek out unexpected food products from their favorite retailers, we could see more brands follow suit with menu items that merge flavors in new ways.