These Sippy Lids Prevent Spills During Get-togethers

 - Jan 12, 2018
References: wineenthusiast & thegreenhead
The Sippy Wine Glass Lids have been created with spill-oriented drinkers in mind to ensure that they never find themselves wasting wine unnecessarily ever again.

Fitting onto the top portion of a standard wine glass, the lids work to seal the wine within and only allow access via the integrated sipping section. This will ensure that sloshing the wine around in the glass when walking or talking won't spill it everywhere in your vicinity.

The Sippy Wine Glass Lids also work to prevent bugs from getting into your drink if you're enjoying time outdoors, while it could keep wine fresh by keeping air out. The lids identify the shift of wine from a staunch libation to a common drink that's suitable for anyone to enjoy.