GT's Living Foods' 'Pure Love Kombucha' is a Limited-Edition Drink

Ahead of Valentine's Day this year, GT's Living Foods launched an all-new limited-edition drink—Pure Love Kombucha.

The festive pink-hued beverage boasts a base of organic and raw kombucha, as well as delicate flavors from pressed blood orange, dried rose buds and petals, dried hibiscus flowers and rose water. The 2018 winter edition kombucha boasts a special package design that hints at some of the floral ingredients that have been selected for use in the probiotic-rich beverage.

A growing number of health-focused beverages are now putting a spotlight on floral flavors and rose in particular as a feature ingredient. As well as allowing consumers to discover novel natural tastes, light and refreshing botanical flavors help to pass on numerous health benefits.