The Loch Ness Bottled Water is Sourced from the Famous Lake

 - Jan 24, 2018
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The Loch Ness bottled water satisfies thirst, while carrying with it the legendary spirit of Nessie. The product is directly sourced from the famous body of water and it is prepared and bottled in the Scottish Highlands. With each glass, the consumer has the ability to "ponder on whether Nessie has swam through [his] very own bottle of Loch Ness Water." Based on its origin, the Loch Ness bottled water is like no other.

The founder of the company is John Oag, who was brought up in the Highlands and harbored a deep fascination with the myth of the Lock Ness Monster. As a kid, he often wondered why it was that no one tapped into the drinking potential of the famous lake.