JusTea's Purple Teas are Healthy, Sustainable and Ethically Produced

 - Jan 18, 2018
References: justea & justea
It 's easy to instantly be attracted to the concept of color-changing tea, but JusTea offers five reasons to drink its Purple Leaf Tea. Firstly, it is the overall appeal of it, and the curiosity that it inspires. When a few drops of lemon are added to the steeped tea, the liquid changes to an enhanced purple-pink color. This is so because the citrus reacts with the super antioxidants, called anthocyanins. The ingredient is highly beneficial your health, as it lowers cholesterol, aids the immune system and is anti-inflammatory. The purple leaves of the tea tree are known to be the only ones that naturally contain anthocyanins.

Additionally, the color-changing tea is low on caffeine and is organic. JusTea ensures that its Purple Tea is made from unoxidized leaves, so as to retain its health benefits. Certified by the Fair Trade Federation, the company supports small-scale Kenyan farmers — creating opportunities for agricultural development and sustainable growth in employment.