The 'Lotus' Tea Set Features a Spot for Storing Leaves After Brewing

 - Jan 2, 2018
References: yankodesign
The 'Lotus' Tea Set has been designed with ceremonial practices in mind to provide a dedicated sanctuary to partake in your daily ritual without having to use your existing furniture or surfaces. Coming with a series of ceramic tea pot toppers, the set focuses on the ritualistic nature of tea drinking to provide a way to consume tea for whatever purpose you desire or require. The main desk-like section provides a place to store all of your equipment for the ceremony and even features a lotus-inspired drain where you can place the tea leaves after your have finished brewing.

The 'Lotus' Tea Set is the design work of JuYoung Kim and Chang Choi, and also features a detachable aesthetic that allows it to be placed anywhere in the home, including your bedroom or elsewhere.