Escubac Is an Amazing replacement for Traditional Gin and Tonics

 - Jan 5, 2018
References: bonappetit & sweetdram
Escubac and tonics are emerging as a better version of the traditional gin and tonic. The flavor of this old world liqueur is close to gin, but unlike the popular spirit, Escubac also contains a floral bouquet of citrus peel, warm spices, vanilla, herbs, and floral botanicals. This is perhaps why Escubac and tonics work so well, as the flavors lie somewhere in-between gin and something else completely unique. Unlike gin, Escubac carries with it a natural, but subtle sweetness. Some have compared the sweetness to a roasted carrot with a mild vanilla and raisin undertones. Escubac is perhaps best used as a gin replacement, but can also be enjoyed on its own with a ice and a splash of soda.

Escubac is currently produced by British company Sweetdram. The company began producing the liqueur after discovering the recipe while sifting through French distilling manuals from the 1700's. While the maceration and blending of botanicals is done in Sweetdram's London workshop, the final distillation is handled in France.