The Whopper Neutrality Ad is a Political Push from Burger King

 - Jan 26, 2018
References: theverge & fastcompany
The Burger King Whopper Neutrality commercial may be strangest and most poignant commercial the fast food chain has ever produced. The concept focuses around the idea of paid prioritization and uses actors and real customers to produce the message. In the commercial, actors playing Burger King employees explain to customers the idea of fast and slow lanes by placing chicken-based items in the fast lane while slowing down access to whoppers by placing them in the slow lane. This commercial has already drawn quite a bit of attention as the debate and fight for net neutrality remains persistent.

The Burger King Whopper Neutrality ad is the first of its kind, as fast food chains rarely dabble in political issues. While thoroughly entertaining, the ad also accomplishes an incredible understanding of the issue and presents it in an understandable and disputable way. While Burger King has not directly announced a stance on the issue, it seems as though this commercial is enough proof to show its position. Ads like this are becoming increasingly popular as consumers prefer to spend money at establishments with aligning views.