Campari's Go Beyond a Sip Encourages a Look Beyond First Impressions

 - Apr 20, 2018
References: thespiritsbusiness
Inspired by the popularity of Negroni cocktails, Campari introduced the 'Go a Sip Beyond' campaign to encourage people to be open-minded about the distinctive taste of its alcoholic liqueur.

As Campari can be described as spicy and sweet, it is also called bitter—which many consumers fail to look past. To get consumers looking beyond their first experience with its product, Campari crafted a short film with Arnaud Boutin.

The scenes of the short film aim to capture and express the distinctive nature of Campari, based on the first three sips of the liquid. Throughout the experience, viewers will find themselves getting just a taste of different experiences and nothing more. The end of the film sums up that the first or even the second sip of Campari shouldn't be judged, as each new experience introduces something new to discover.