This Tesco Father’s Day Campaign is Appreciative and Sentimental

 - Feb 9, 2018
References: tesco & youtube
This Tesco Father’s Day campaign follows real people as they shop inside one of the retailer's locations. The advert shines a spotlight on fathers and their kids and aims to show appreciation for dads while recognizing that it's not always easy for everyone to do so.

Released in June of last year, the campaign captures unassuming Tesco visitors as they listen to a loud speaker announcement while in store. Instead of hearing about promotions and discounts, the dads featured in this ad realize that each message they're hearing is actually from their child. The messages include proclamations of love and appreciation for the support offered by the various fathers to their children.

Featuring families of different ages, this sentimental Tesco Father's Day campaign celebrates dads while capturing the attention and emotions of the retailer's core audience.

Image Credit: YouTube