From Affordable Beard Grooming Kits to Celebratory Hair Murals

 - Mar 25, 2018
Featured in these March 2018 hair ideas are a range of growth-promoting serums, styling tools, removal methods, salons, art pieces, and more.

One unique inclusion are the accessories that are created by Polly McGeary, an Etsy shop owner who specializes in crafting vintage German wedding tiaras. McGeary sources the pieces that are used to create her accessories from flea markets, friends, and estate sales. By adding one of the vintage accessories to a bridal look, one can achieve a classic aesthetic that's sure to be remembered.

Also included is a styling paste from The Martial Vivot, which is made for men and women with short hair who are looking for an effective product that doesn't leave their hair feeling too stiff or greasy. The brand claims that the paste is able to hold any type of hair in place, while nourishing it and adding plenty of volume.