From Parody Designer Dog Lines to Spoof Valentine's Day Campaigns

 - Mar 24, 2018
Humor is often used as a marketing tactic to build brand awareness and loyalty, and these examples of March 2018 humor trends showcase the diverse ways in which companies are making consumers laugh.

Humor can be used to explain more serious topics, as a light hearted tone can attract a wider consumer base. An example of this concept can be seen through the various net neutrality related efforts, which featured humorous protest campaigns, and even products which helped an individual better understand the potential reality.

Other times, humor is used to help create a more down-to-earth advertisement, like the humorous Virginia Black Ad which stars Drake and his father. In the ad, Drake is seen making eyes with a woman, only to find out that the woman was trying to get the attention of Drake's real-life father, who was standing behind him.

Other notable initiatives included in this list are Doritos' double-headed sweater, which was released on Valentine's Day to promote the brand's new flavor offerings or KFC's cheeky apology ad, in which the brand rearranged its letters to resemble a curse word.