Clio Makes Protein-Rich, Chocolate-Covered Yogurt Snacks

 - May 29, 2018
References: cliosnacks
Most yogurt snack bars take the form of granola products that are coated with the flavors of the dairy product, but Clio's chocolate-covered Greek Yogurt Bars put yogurt at the center.

Clio's Greek Yogurt Bars are offered in a range of flavors, from fruity Blueberry and Strawberry to indulgent Hazelnut and Espresso. Each bar offers between eight to nine grams of protein, all in a decadent form that's like a better-for-you chocolate bar.

As the eating experience introduces a new way for consumers to enjoy yogurt and dark chocolate together in a new, solid format, the flavors of each product are vividly described. In the case of its Honey flavor, Clio notes: "something special happens when you get a bit of sweet dark chocolate, a taste of tart Greek yogurt and a dollop of fresh, gooey honey in every bite."