REESE'S OUTRAGEOUS Bar is Dairy Queen's Blizzard of the Month

 - Aug 9, 2018
References: dairyqueen
A peanut butter soft serve is Dairy Queen's official Blizzard treat for the month of August. The limited time ice cream dessert is inspired by REESE'S OUTRAGEOUS bar — a product that was launched in May and one that boasts peanut butter, caramel and crunchy REESE'S PIECES candy wrapped in a layer of milk chocolate.

The new product has definitely generated quite the hype among foodies and has inspired a number of delicious treats, including a Krispy Kreme Doughnut interpretation.

Now, Dairy Queen's peanut butter soft serve swiftly aims to mimic the flavor and recreate the texture of the REESE'S OUTRAGEOUS bar. The limited edition Blizzard features peanut butter and caramel toppings that are blended with DQ's signature vanilla soft serve.