- Sep 3, 2018
The August 2018 branding ideas show how creatively repositioning a product or label can help to reignite excitement among consumers, who are eager to try out new concepts that appeal to different elements of taste and relatability.

One example that's spotlighted is the FKT Pale Ale from Sufferfest, a nutrient-rich and electrolyte-infused beer. The idea for the beverage comes from California athletes, as the unique concoction won't leave them feeling dehydrated the day after indulging in a few beers.

Also included is the Converse and JW Anderson collaboration, which resulted in a nostalgic toy-referencing sneaker model. The sneakers have a sleek glossy finish to them, helping to further accent the vivid colorway that consists of orange, red, and aqua blue.

From Coffee Chain Beers to Designer Label Bucket Hats: