'Chewing Gum' Dismantles Some of the Conventional Notions on Rosé Wine

Rosé is a type of wine that is currently very popular with Millennial consumers and Chewing Gum is an offbeat brand that aims to get people to see the product as edgier than most brands choose to convey with sweet, delicate, beautiful and elegant packaging.

Based on research that shows consumers are shifting away from sweet to off-dry wine, Chewing Gum aims to satisfy with its sweet and dry taste, as well as its unmissable personality. As part of its mission to shake up the world of rosé, the brand's products are packaged in unusual solutions, including a number of differently shaped glass bottles and vials.

Chewing Gum prides itself on offering rosé with a refreshing new twist, in the form of flavors like Strawberry Kick, Watermelon Punch and Grapefruit Crush.