The Orangina 'Wiish Box' Reminds Consumers to Disrupt the Can's Contents

 - Jul 12, 2018
References: & adsoftheworld
Orangina is a lightly carbonated beverage that is made with a combination of carbonated water, citrus juice and orange pulp—as the beverage is best enjoyed after the package's contents have been shaken, the Orangina Wiish Box was created to encourage this simple step for optimal enjoyment.

As consumers can sometimes forget to give the can a shake, Orangina developed a talking can design based on a "mooh box," which plays a "moo" sound when touched or when an object is rotated. Orangina put its own inventive spin on the idea with the Wiish Box, promising that consumers will be able to wake up a genie and get a wish granted through the magical drink packaging system.